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(Lion Rock Fortress)

The historical Sigiriya once ruled by King Kassapa is a significant site. In 477 CE, King Kassapa assisted by Migara forcibly took the throne from King Datusena. King Datusena was murdered by walling him alive by Kassapa. Mugalan who had the right to the throne fled to South India fearing an attack from Kassapa. Kassapa moved from Anuradhapura to Sigiriya bulding a secure fortress. Kassapa was defated by Mugalan in 495 CE.

Legend states that he cut his head with his own sword in the final stage of the battle. After defeating Kassapa, Sigiriya was turned to a Buddhist monastery

Legend states that he used traps to avoid anyone entering the palace. Alternate stories states that he had women from different parts of the world living in the fortress for pleasure. The Sigiriya frescos were drawn on the walls to represent the women.

King Kasssapa built different housing complexes for seasons. It is believed that the first six months he would stay in one complex, and the next in the other complex. The pond was designed in a way that on a full moon day the wall paintings would reflect on the pond.

Archealogists also found that the palace was built using rigid technology which was build by highly skilled people.

Today, Sigiriya is recognized as a world heritage site by UNESCO.

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