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Kottu or Kottu Rotti

This one is a fast food dish which is best for eating on the go. The dish originated in the Jaffna region in the early 1960s. The name Kottu Roti literally translates to chopped bread. Simply put the dish is a chopped Roti cooked with a hint of curry sauce. The flour from various grains like wheat and Gram is prepared into dough like paste and then fried on a heated iron sheet along with several vegetables, eggs, chicken or beef. The ingredients are then cut and mixed on the flat pan with special metal blades designed specifically for this purpose. The preparation pretty much looked like fried rice but is made with wheat instead. There are several variants of the Kottu which are mixed with a variety of spices and the choice of ingredients like fish and prawns etc. are also preferred by several people. The dish due to its high nutritional value and cheap price has become one of the staple foods for the lower socio economic class.

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