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Kirinda Raja Maha Vihara

The Kirinda Raja Maha Vihara (Temple) marks a historical site of Queen Viharamahadevi landing here.

The historical chronicles states King Kelanitissa of Kelaniya once punished an innocent monk by boiling him alive in an oil cauldron. The gods seeing this angered made the ocean to flood the inland. The king's soothsayers believed the impact can only be stopped if the king's daughter Princess Viharamahadevi to be sacrificed to the ocean.

Princess Viharamahadevi sailed on a beautiful decorated boat with a letter stating "Daughter of a King". The ocean waters started to calm itself after the Princess departure. Several hours in the ocean, the Princess landed here in Kirinda. King Kavantissa who ruled Ruhunu at that time married the Princess for her bravery decision that she took to save the country.

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