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Known till 1972 as Ceylon, the island country Sri Lanka is located in the Indian Ocean right off the tip of the Indian peninsula. Sri Lanka houses a history that spans for over 3000 years and a culture that is as colorful and vibrant as the south Indian culture. Sri Lanka is home to several ancient and historical monuments, natural attractions and a spectacular cuisine. The dishes in Sri Lankan cuisine are mainly influenced from the Southern Indian cuisine and the influence of the Colonial powers that ruled the country for several years. Rice, Coconut, spices and seafood are the key ingredients of most Sri Lankan Cuisine and usually centers around steamed or boiled rice served with a vast assortment of fish, chicken or meat curries with occasional vegetarian curries made with fruits, lentils and vegetables. If you are visiting Sri Lanka for the 1st time here are a few dishes that you should definitely try.

These are just a handful of famous dishes from the hundreds of traditional recipes Sri Lanka has to offer. Sri Lanka not just proves to be one of the most serene and beautiful coastal paradises in the Indian Ocean but also a great place for the foodies.

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